Parents Letter Nov. 21

Parents Letter Nov. 21

Dear parents,

The last month was a lot shorter due to the holidays and the children increasingly enjoyed the water games on offer, the outdoor activities, as well as the weekly swimming. Halloween was integrated into the topic in an age – appropriate manner and the children had the opportunity to report on their experiences and work on details the following days. For Example, puff pastry ghosts were baked, spiders were made and horror stories were told.

Soon after, the colleagues concentrated on telling fairy tales. (especially Rapunzel was worked out exactly). The theatre, Kamishibai, is always an experience in itself. The role play itself is a valuable opportunity for the children to experience a change of perspective, to learn from it and to grow in different situations.

Both groups worked hard on the lanterns for our joint lantern festival and made various animal lanterns. The preschool children also made lanterns as part of everyday school life and rehearsed the songs together with the kindergarten children.

The group – wide offers oft he colleagues gave all children the opportunity to come into contact with English as well as German. They enjoyed finger games, circle games and offers in the chair circle. The music unit and guitar accompaniment on Wedneshday afternoon is particularly enjoyed.

In the course of the educational offerings, the children discussed the topic of “sharing” in more detail last month. Not only by telling and experiencing the legend of Martin, but also by acting intensively, several skills in the educational field of social/ emotional issues could be acquired:

  • Identification and development of the ego identity
  • Consideration and taking back one`s own needs
  • Sharing is caring
  • Mindful language – non violent communication
  • Experience and feel communityThe lantern festival was not the end of the topic. Through the opportunity to work through and recount what they have experienced days later in the community, the children experience attention and mindfulness towards their emotional world (which can be very lively at this age).
    It is important to provide a suitable framework for major events and to give the children the opportunity to reflect.Shortly afterwards, our new pool was delivered, which in future will be filled fresh every day. Please bring/give the children a towel, sunscreen and bathing trunks – thanks

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