On your marks for School, get set, go!

On your marks for School, get set, go!

The time has come!

The first day of school is just around the corner. A new phase of life begins for our first graders Aydin and Finn. They go to School with colorful school cones and new dinosaur satchels together with mum, dad and siblings. Everything is lovingly prepared there. The teachers and their students at the German School in Abuja came up with all sorts of ideas to welcome the new students.

According to the motto “Our world is bright and colorful – and so are we” the classes enthusiastically tinkered, painted, prepared music and rehearsed theater – a perfect welcome. Finn and Aydin are off to a bright and colorful school day.

Apart from the individual learning and educational program, the German School in Abuja also offers a wide range on project weeks. Those are working groups, sporting events and seasonal festivals, which are also of great importance for the class and school community.

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