House Rules

We all – teachers, pupils and technical staff – form a community. Each of us does their part in creating the most pleasant learning environment possible. In order to facilitate the success of this endeavor we must all adhere to the following rules.

1. We treat each other with respect!

  • We are considerate of others.
  • We don’t interrupt others.
  • We don’t insult others with words or gestures.
  • We don’t threaten, hinder or physically attack others.
  • Personal belongings may not be hidden, damaged or stolen.
  • We are especially protective of the small and the weak.
  • We support each other.

2. The school is a place where we feel comfortable!

  • We respect and protect our school grounds.
  • During the school day leaving the school grounds without permission is forbidden.
  • We all stay in the schoolyard during breaks.
  • We keep our school yard and our classrooms clean.
  • Waste belongs into the waste bins.
  • We handle school property considerately and do not damage it deliberately.
  • Electronic equipment remains switched off during teaching time.
  • Bicycles must be parked in designated areas.
  • Our school uniform consists of:
    • a top with the logo of the school (T-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, muscle shirt)
    • a dress with the school’s logo
  • Sportswear: regular sports pants, t-shirts and trainers.

3. This is how we learn successfully!

  • We come to class on time.
  • In the morning, we arrive at school at least 5 minutes before the first lesson starts.
  • We always have the necessary materials handy and in order.
  • We do our homework in an orderly and complete fashion.
  • We actively contribute to creating a quiet learning atmosphere.
  • Disruptions of any kind are not permitted.
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4. In case of illness

  • Absences are to be excused immediately by phone and/or by written form.
  • Missed subject matter must be made up for independently within an appropriate
    period of time.

5. Educational and disciplinary measures

Anyone who violates the rules must expect appropriate educational measures. In the event of serious infringements, regulatory disciplinary measures shall be applied according to the rules of the school.