Parents Letter No. 4

Dear parents,

The Christmas holidays are approaching and, as every year, there are also some special features on the timetable:

  1. On the 6th December we will bake cookies with your children during the lessons (5th and 6th hour).
  2. In the last school week before the holidays (11th until 15th December 2017) the afternoon care and the clubs will not take place. The school day will finish for all students at 2 pm on these days.
  3. On Wednesday, 13th December the rehearsal for the Christmas party will start at 6 pm. Please make sure that the children arrive on time. The students who have completed their performance can go home immediately afterwards. I think the rehearsal will be over by 8 pm at the latest for anyone who has to stay until the end.
  4. The Christmas party will start on 14th December at 7 pm sharp. Again, it is important that you appear with your children punctually at 6.50 pm.
    At recent events, we have repeatedly found a “certain” disturbing restlessness during the performances of YOUR children. In the interest of YOUR children, who are preparing very intensively for these performances, we would like to ask you for the (deserved) attention, not only for YOUR own child. There will be no refreshments during the children’s performance. For “emergencies”, we will open our Activity Room, but children may only use it with you and under your supervision. Afterwards there will be – as usual – a cozy get-together with a buffet sponsored by the company and you. The alcoholic beverages are at your own expense.
  5. On Friday, 15th December lessons start at 9 am due to the previous evening event. Children riding the school bus will be picked up later. Class teacher lessons will take place on this day until 12.15.
  6. The beginning of the lessons in new year is the 8th January 2018 at 7.45 am according to plan.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards
Carmen Klaus

The school board and the teachers have adopted the new mission statement and school profile of the German School Abuja. Viewing is possible in the showcase and soon on the new homepage.

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