Parent Letter No.1 Abuja 09/05/2017

Dear parents,

with regard to the beginning school year of the DSA/GIS I would like to provide some information. During the first week of school, Sep. 5th – Sep. 8th, there is no afternoon lesson as the registration for the afternoon care, the requirements for food- and driving services as well as the afternoon club teams are yet to be completed- attached you will find a list to choose from. According to that we close by 12.15pm during this first week. From Monday Sep. 11th on we will follow our regular schedule. Also, please mind changes of your child`s daily schedule including breaks. Today your children are informed about these changes. Accordingly information is also provided on our website.

Please fill out the attached form regarding afternoon care, clubs, transport and lunch and return it by Thursday Sep. 7th. Children of classes 1-4 who are residents of the Life Camp can go home for lunch. Afternoon care program is not obligatory for these children. Please mark accordingly.

On Friday the 8th of September 2017, our First Day at School Ceremony will start at 11am. All studentspreschool children included- will participate in the ceremony. After the official celebration, children who live in the Life Camp will be sent home by 11.45am. External students are taken care of until 12.15pm. Please pick up your preschool child at the clubhouse. External preschool children shall be picked up at the kindergarten by 12.15pm.

Regarding clothing provided by the school, we have chosen another mode for this school year. Each student/ preschool child receives three t-shirts free of charge at the beginning of the school year. Any additional pieces will be charged. We will send you an order form to be filled out with the desired color and size. Please send it back signed. By the end of this week the T-shirts will be given out. This procedure is applied for any further orders in the future as well.

On Thursday Sep. 14th 2017 the first parents-teacher conference will take place at 7pm. After a general part will have taken place in our kindergarten building, parents will meet in their child`s classroom. I hereby cordially invite you to this evening and remain in pleasant anticipation of your participation.

Best regards
Carmen Klaus

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