Parents Letter No. 5

Dear parents,

today I would like to inform you about some events and upcoming changes that have resulted from the experiences of the first months of this school year.


  1. On Thursday, February 8th 2018, we will complete the first semester of the school year and give your children (except class 1) the mid-term reports. We will start the lessons on this day as usual at 7.45 am and follow the normal timetable for the first 4 lessons. In the 5th lesson the class leaders will give out the mid-term reports and at 12.15 o’clock school will close.


  1. The following Friday, February 9th there will be a small carnival celebration for our children from 9:00 to 11:11 am. We would like to ask you to send your children in costume to school that day. From 8:45 am to 9:00 am there will be supervision and the school bus will be driving later accordingly. We will then celebrate until 11:11 am and there will be supervision until 12:00 o’clock. If possible, we would like to end the party with our waterslide on the sports field. Therefore we would like to ask you to send bathing suits and a towel to the children.


  1. On February 12th and 13th is our semester break and our institution remains closed.


  1. We will start the second semester on February 14th 2018 at 7.45 with our yearly project days. These will take place under the slogan “Guiding principles of the German-International School”. On February 14th until 16th we will offer activities. There will also be relaxation of a sporty nature. On all three project days the children will be involved from 7:45 to 12:15. Since the afternoon part will be dropped on these three days, there will be no lunch.


  1. In order to be able to arrange our afternoon in the second semester in a more varied and child-friendly way, we will change the procedure and extend the supervision until 4 pm. From February 19th we will be offering homework time for everyone from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. In the homework time one English- and one German-speaking teacher will be working with the children.


  1. The activity clubs will start at 3 pm. In the same time the afternoon care is installed. There is no compulsory participation on any of the 4 days in any activity club. The support in our library is then exclusively free play and reading time. The time between 3.45 and 4 o’clock is the pick up time for external children.


  1. Children registered for the afternoon care can be picked up at the library at any time between 3:00 pm and 3:45 pm. Children of camp residents who leave care before 3.45 pm and go home alone should bring their parents’ permission. The school bus departs (depending on requirements) at 2pm and 4pm.


  1. Our activity clubs will be offered in the second semester as follows:
  • Mondays: “Sports and activity” and Handcrafts
  • Tuesdays: choir (formerly Musical)
  • Wednesdays: Computer club
  • Thursdays: Arts and Crafts


The Italian language club unfortunately has to be canceled for organizational reasons. If your child no longer participates in a previously elected activity club, please inform us on the feedback sheet!


  1. Fridays closing time is as usual 2pm.



Moreover, the suspicion of open tuberculosis in the area of ​​the school has not been confirmed.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the DSA team!

Best regards
Carmen Klaus


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