Parent Letter No. 2 (Abuja, 18.10.2017)

Dear parents,

some further information for you today:

1. As of this Wednesday, for technical reasons Mr. Malkin will be responsible for the afternoon daycare in the library alongside Mrs. Eko.

2. Mrs. Wagner was elected Parent Councilor and Mrs. Felix as her deputy.

3. On Thursday, October 19, a representative of the team of inspectors carrying out inspection at the German Embassy will visit our school for an informal discussion.

3. From October 23 to 27 we have our first vacation in this school year. During this time, some reconstruction work will be carried out, especially in the kindergarten area. We will start the next 7 school weeks on Monday, October 30 at 7:45 am.

4. On Monday, October 30 and on Tuesday, October 31 we will close already at 2 pm. There are no working groups and no afternoon care, because the teachers have a course in further education.

5. On Friday, November 10 the traditional parade will take place on the eve of St. Martin. We will meet at 7 pm in the schoolyard. After some songs and poems, the lantern parade goes to the camp fire station, where drinks and a stew are ready. Lanterns will be prepared in kindergarten/ school with the children. These should remain in school until this evening. Please send your child (if equipped) a lantern rod in the set. For our newly arrived children we provide a lantern rod, batteries must be provided by parents.

6. On Thursday, November 16 and on Friday November 17 from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, our consultation evenings for parents of grades 1 to 4 will take place. Starting from Tuesday, November 14, at 7.45 am, the teachers’ timetables will be available on the info board next to the music room in which you can register. The feedback on the current performance of your children will therefore be sent to you on Monday, November 13.

Best regards
Carmen Klaus

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